xf / will they ever believe me.

icon post #8

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01-03 Alias
04-10 Battlestar Galactica
11-00 David Duchovny
12-15 Gilmore Girls
16-00 Jake Gyllenhaal
17-00 Micheal Cera & Ellen Page
18-19 Juno
20-00 Thom Yorke
21-00 Malajube
22-29 Stargate SG-1 (3 quotes)
30-33 Law & Order SVU
34-43 X-Files

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d? / here it goes again.

i'm not dead... yet!

Yes!! It's really me!! I'm not back yet but this is a little preview 'cause yes, I will be back... hopefully soon. I've been working on a couple of wallpapers, fanmix and lots of icons lately but they are not perfect enough for me yet, so you'll have to wait just a tad... but I'm gonna try to do it fast! There will be some icons from doctor who, grey's anatomy, the office, alias, law & order: svu, and of course x-files... So, here's the little preview...

brushes; vered; elli
textures; google; carton; fusionesque; zombiestock; seafoam; temabinastock
pattern; 44suburbia
pictures; gertie's
fonts; subway

brushes; elli; 1GE. insomniax; Pretty Brush; Tippy; Vered
textures; google
pictures; mhprincess.org
fonts; essays1743
lyrics; sunset rubdown - shut up i am dreaming of places where lovers have wings

XF / please don't take my heart away.


So, obviously, I'm taking a hiatus since August... I just wanted to officially say I'm on a hiatus. I'm back at college and I can't find the time to do anything other than homework. Hopefully my inspiration will get back and I'll be able to open photoshop soon... so anyway, take care of yourself and I'll try to get back soon!!

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xf / definitely, smart is sexy.

icon post #5.

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01-02 Alexis Bledel
02-00 Jennifer Garner
04-14 Alias
15-00 Amelie
16-18 Bjork
19-24 Gilmore Girls
25-26 Naomi Watts
27-28 Rachel McAdams
29-00 Christina Ricci
30-00 Sufjan Stevens
31-68 X-Files (12 quotes)

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xf / i found a reason.

mix #1.

I've been working on doing a mix for a while now, and I wasn't sure if I should post it or not but I decided that I could share :P So, this is a shipper mix and most of the songs are about when Mulder's missing or in season 9 when they are apart. Other songs are about the relationship in general. The songs will be up for a week but I'm trying to upload the mix on file lodge, hopefully, it'll work out and these will be up for a longer time. So anyway, hope you guys enjoy these songs! If you download, please tell me, I'd love to know if I'm doing this for something.

cover art
brushes: 1GE ; solitary-stock
picture: chrisnu ; gertie's
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